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This is the first project that takes Google's Streetview technology and content to create an interactive fiction out of it.
The result are images next to the story of the game, to transport its content in a visual form.
This way the interactive fiction game becomes a graphic novel with real world images.



c/o Cyberholic, Carlos Pinto
Av. Francisco Vega Monroy 11 P1C
35109 El Tablero, Espana
+34 626 98 2112

Crowdfund the next chapters!

The first chapter of "355 for ships to Marseille" is 100% free to play inside your web browser.
The appearance of the next chapters depend on the time there is to create each chapter, but you can help to accelerate the process by becoming a backer for this project at !

Kickstarter pledges start at 2 EURO for this project - or more, if you want me to integrate your name inside the storyboard.

Why should i donate for this?

  • All chapters are free to play online.
  • Storyboard development took several months.
  • Streetview location scouting took several weeks.
  • Next chapters will be translated by professionals.
  • Next chapters undergo a correction process.

What do i get for my donation?

  • A faster programing to finish chapters.
  • The possibility to become a character within the story.
  • At least show support for this type of games.

Kickstarter Staff Pick!

I feel proud to inform you that just a few days after publishing the kickstarter campaign, their staff has awarded the "Nathan Hunt" gamebook as Staff Pick.

This does not mean that the project will reach its target faster, but for me i feel excited about the fact that out there on this planet is at least one more person who likes my idea. Thank's for that!
Carlos Pinto, August 2015

Thank you!

In these blank space i would love to thank those people and services that made this project possible.
First of all thanks to Google for beaming technology into the level that the 21st century needs. Thank you Alex Warren for not only the Squiffy but also the outstanding Quest editor for gamebook and text adventure creation. Thanks to Poswiecie for the cover photo of chapter one showing Rio de Janeiro. Thank you Unsplash for the photo with the dog for chapter two. Thank you Nedim for the photo of the Cadiz cover. Thank you CosmicX for the Marseille cover photo. Thank you Thomas Ulrich for the Hamburg photo used in the Hamburg chapter. Thank you David Mark for the photo of the elderly man in the 6th chapter. Thank you Elena Jones for the emirates photo. Thank you WikiImages for the russian soldier photo. Thank you Dias12 for the greek Acropolis photo.
I also want to thank Frank Design LTD for the hand drawn doodles that i used inside the game at the part where the sight seeing map appears.

What's Interactive fiction?

Imagine that you read a book. Usually you read and read and read on.
Interactive fiction often known as IF, wants you to decide. So the end of the story depends on your decision.

In "Nathan Hunt - 355 for ships to Marseille" you get into the role of Nathan Hunt who will need to travel the world to save his life. You do so by watching, reading and interactivly interfere into the story.

The story depends on third-party online content that someday might get updated or erased.
You then might find yourself in a situation within the story, that you won't be able to solve anymore because online companies have updated their content.
You then will be stuck within the story and won't be able to continue. Never again.

Who's behind this idea?

Since the early 90s of the last century I permanently created stuff whenever people said that there is no market for this or no demand for that.
For me it's not about the necessity of a project but its process; that might others some day bring on ideas beyond what we know or can see at this very moment. It's about the transport and the archive of knowledge and experience. For free.

The idea for this project appeared in the mid 90s but technology wasn't capable to offer me a fast and easy solution to realize such a project (back then I tried tried it with Macromind Director and Neobook).
Nowadays and thanks to Alex Warren's software solutions called Squiffy and Quest, everyone is capable to realize interactive adventures easily.